Looking how to activate Windows once for all?

A Windows license is something very expensive and that not many people can afford these days.      

Most people often stay with the basic license even if it`s constantly showing “Activate Windows” on the right bottom corner, which even shows even if you are on a fullscreen application such as some videogame.    

KMS Activator is described as the Key Management Service of Windows.      KMS activator allows us to activate our Windows 10 (or olders versions such as 8.1, 8 or even Windows 7) for a maximum amount of 180 days.     However, with a tool called KMSpico it is possible to constantly renew the license to the point of no ending. This is not an official software from Microsoft but it serves his purpose very well.     When downloading KMSpico we need to be careful and check we download it from the official site, because there are many people out there looking to install virus and other malwares on your computer for their own benefit.     Be aware that even if you install the proper KMSpico might give some false virus and malware messages by your antivirus, but if you have downloaded it from the official site or some similar trusted source you have nothing to worry about. KMSpico is known to be something completely safe and free of anything that can harm your computer.    

If you are still sketchy about the program, you can upload the files to some of the pages that will freely analyze the files for the most known and dangerous virus of the moment. One example of this type of page is VirusTotal; https://www.virustotal.com/    

KMSpico is what many would consider a “pirate” type of program, and it was created in a fight for the rights of having a completely free operative system that it`s functional with all the commonly used programs of today.     KMS activation can not only trigger the validation of your Windows license but also will give you access to additional and official Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and some others.    

You might be wondering how easy or hard to use is this program? Well, let me tell you the process is very simple: you download it, press accept a few times and then it will ask you to restart your device to give the installation as finished properly. We recommend to turn off your local antivirus so that it doesn`t interfere with the program!       And don`t worry, whether your system is based on a 32-bit or 64-bit architecture, it will work. KMSpico is considered to be completely safe today even if there has been some drama in the past about data theft, but it has never been proven that it`s related to this program directly,      

This can sound too good to be true, but it`s real that you don`t need to pay anything for this service, not even give some sensible information such as your bank account number or god knows what else.  Straight up download, install, and permanently forget about the license activation of your Windows!     There has been also many rumors about the validity of this program such as this thing of “getting a flagged Windows activation” which would give problems to your computer, but such things has proven, once again, to be fake rumors.    

Get your windows activation now with kms activator!